If you play old school runescape gold, then you will have discovered the first of these experiments has occurred. By 22nd November to 2nd December 2019, RuneScape conducted a version of its Dual XP weekend. The difference being that, instead of having the event occur the weekend that is actual over, each player was awarded an allotted 36 hours of double XP to use during this week. This invention, in accordance with Casey, received a positive response from the neighborhood:"We got the ideal balance of gamers who wanted to min max it and not lose out, but, at the exact same time, feel like they have the choice of when to play"

This observation is certainly true; a large percentage of RuneScape players are enjoying for five to 10 decades and, as their lives become more complicated, the time they have for playing RuneScape dwindles. The re-imagining of this XP weekend allowed these players to take advantage of the event's bonuses without needing to schedule their life around RuneScape, preventing what was intended to be a fun event from getting an inconvenience.

The experimentation that is riskier was the Yak Track of Count Yakula. As previously mentioned, the game's previous attempt RunePass, at a conflict system, wasn't well received by players. Because, compared RunePass, Yak Track is clearly the exceptional event in terms of the benefits on offer and, most importantly, the tasks you complete to make 38, this was the right decision.

Unlike RunePass, where each player was given a string of tasks depending on which course they were around, each tier at the Yak Track has. These can either be skill-based tasks, which scale to a level in that particular skill, or an activity task, like picking cabbages near Port Sarim. This change ensures that the Yak Track seems like a piece of content, rather than an extension of the daily challenges, especially since lots of the tasks may take numerous hours to complete. Other alterations, such as a broader assortment of rewards, extending the period cheap rs3 gold of the occasion from two weeks to six, and ensuring Premier Club members get the top track at no cost, have also helped it feel as a exceptional event instead of an encore of RunePass.