Changes in lighting in recent years can be described as changing with each passing day. Different styles of lights have different charms, and the lights are adapted to the style of the overall home to make the entire space more coordinated. In this section, the lights are divided into five categories: Chinese, European, modern, American, and Mediterranean styles, so that everyone has a deeper understanding of the light, so that it can better serve its own design works.

  1. Chinese style lights
    The classical Chinese architecture, represented by the palace architecture, has high space, large depth, and carved beams. The artistic style of its interior decoration design highlights the characteristics of grandeur, magnificence, and magnificence. This type of style focuses on symmetry in shape, contrast in color, and wood as the material. The patterns are mostly Chinese elements such as dragons, phoenixes, turtles, lions, Qingming Shanghe diagrams, such as intentions, and Peking opera Facebook. Emphasizes the charm of classical and traditional culture very carefully, exquisitely and magnificently. Chinese-style lights matching this type of space require a restrained, rustic design style.

2.European style lights
European-style lights are synonymous with luxury and elegance in the eyes of people today. They are famous for gorgeous decoration, strong colors, and exquisite shapes. Its charm lies in the traces of its years. The elegance and timelessness it embodies represents the master's outstanding life taste.

3.Modern style lights
Modern lights are deeply loved by young people for their stylish and concise features, and they are bound to be sought after in the age of advocating individuality. Four major popular trends in the development of modern lights: the application of high-efficiency energy-saving light sources, the development of multifunctional miniaturization, the focus on the development of integrated light technology, and the shift from simple lighting functions to both lighting and decoration. The design and production of modern-style lights and lanterns, the use of modern science and technology, the combination of classical modeling and the sense of the times, the pursuit of efficient utilization of lights and decorative effects, reflects the achievements of modern lighting technology. Simple, alternative, and fashionable modern lights, in summary, have the following characteristics:

  1. American style lights
    American style is a form of evolution of the American way of life. The United States is a country advocating freedom, which has also created its free and uninhibited lifestyle, without too much artificial decoration and restraint, and has also inadvertently achieved another kind of casual romance. The American culture is dominated by transplanted culture. It has the luxury and luxury of Europa, but also combines the uninhibited soil and water of the American continent. The result of this combination is to remove many fetters and achieve nostalgia and luxury Without losing style.
  2. Mediterranean style lights
    The Mediterranean originated from Latin and meant to be the center of the earth. The soul of the Mediterranean style can be summarized in such a sentence: the romantic feeling of the blue, the pure nature of the sea and the sky, and the bright sun. Usually Mediterranean-style design will use white stucco walls, continuous arcades and arches, ceramic tiles, sea blue roof tiles and windows and other design elements. Of course, design elements cannot be simply pieced together, they must have a style soul that runs through them, and blue is the most important soul element that reflects the marine style. To express the empty, tranquil, and free characteristics of the marine world, you need to create in space and color A kind of quiet and distant feeling.
  3. Southeast Asian style lights
    Southeast Asian style decoration is an increasingly popular style, and this style can be said to be a mix and match style. It is not only associated with the decorative styles of India, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries, but also absorbs Chinese style elements. Due to the history of colonization in Southeast Asian countries, Southeast Asian styles are mainly manifested in two directions. The influence of style, the other-light-colored, influenced by the West.

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