Usually before packaging, we must first understand the social factors, corporate culture, product characteristics, market environment and the characteristics of the target consumer. According to the understanding of these conditions, the packaging has a preliminary positioning based on these conditions, and then consider the color system, style, and can form a preliminary idea of ​​product packaging.

So, what kind of packaging can help brands create a high-end image of cosmetics?

1. Creativity.

Unique ideas may not always be able to impress others over time, but if it is your idea that makes people think you are the first, then you can get the attention of consumers first.

2. Complete.

This completeness can be said to be complete in category, or complete in function. If it is a series of products with complete categories, then there can be some logic in the design of the outer packaging, and the packaging products are also made into a series. If it is complete, then the design of the outer packaging must be able to reflect its powerful features, not only do more homework in meaning, but also work hard in practicality

3. Quality.
In addition to the design patterns and text on the surface of packaging products, the materials for cosmetics packaging should also be carefully selected. For example, the shell of the lipstick makes me feel that metal is more textured than plastic.


Shape is also an important part of cosmetic packaging design. If it is a simple style, you can directly choose a more regular shape, simple but generous. If you take the luxury style, then choosing the basic shape is not enough. You can also add some more refined modifications.

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