At present, the market of lights and lanterns is extremely rich in variety, with various shapes and performances. The beauty of the lights is very important. The lights with beautiful colors and good shapes can bring people a sense of pleasure. Because the lighting fixture is an organic composition of the entire room decoration, its style, material and light intensity must be consistent with the indoor function and decoration style, and purchase lighting fixtures according to this principle. The ultimate purpose is to make the various light receiving objects around the light have a uniform distribution, so that people's visual function can play a good effect. Because people's vision is not fixed, they often go from one place to another. If the brightness distribution of indoor decoration lighting fixtures is too large, it may bring people a brilliant sense of brightness in a short time, and it may cause visual fatigue for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically purchase lighting fixtures according to the functions of various parts of the room.

With the further maturity of LED technology, the luminous efficiency has reached 75 ~ 100 lumens / watt, and the actual service life exceeds 50,000 hours. The design of living room lighting in the 21st century will be based on the design of LED lighting bulbs. At the same time, it will fully reflect the energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humanistic lighting development trend, and become the leading lighting culture of the room. In the new century, LED lighting bulbs will illuminate everyone's room, change everyone's life, and become a great change in the development and design of lights. The disadvantage of LED is the high cost. Obviously, as long as the cost of LED lights decreases with the continuous improvement of LED technology, energy-saving lights and incandescent lights will be replaced by LED lights. The state is paying more and more attention to energy-saving lighting and environmental protection issues, and has been vigorously promoting the use of LED lights. In particular, the first choice of the government to renovate the street light project is the LED street light, and we can see the momentum of LED lights replacing energy-saving lights and incandescent lights.

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