PP bottle stretch blow molding has two types: extrusion stretch blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. They use extrusion and injection methods to form parisons. After the parison is formed, it is cooled to a high elasticity state or to room temperature, and then heated to a high elasticity state, and adjusted to obtain the optimal orientation temperature. Then, the parison is axially stretched by a stretching rod, or later At the same time, compressed air is used to inflate it radially; finally, the bottle is quickly cooled.

PP Bottle   can be formed into packaging bottles through two-step extrusion stretch blow molding, one-step injection stretch blow molding and two-step injection stretch blow molding. Two-step extrusion stretch blow molding uses an extruded pipe as a parison, so it is also called cold pipe stretch blow molding. After cooling, the extruded pipe is cut into a predetermined length and stored. During stretch blow molding, the tube blank is clamped and placed in an oven to heat; then the neck thread is formed and the end of the tube blank is closed to form the bottom; after that, the tube blank and the core rod are transferred to a stretch / blow mold. The core rod acts as a stretching rod and injects compressed air to inflate the tube blank in a radial direction, and finally cools and shapes the bottle.

Biaxially oriented PP plastic bottles are mostly formed by injection stretch blow molding. At the injection station, an injection machine equipped with a typical PP screw is used to melt and homogenize the PP. It is injected into the parison mold through a balanced hot runner system, is formed into a bottomed tubular parison, and is cooled. After that, the parison is rotated 90 ° with the turntable to a temperature adjustment station to adjust the temperature distribution of the parison. After that, the parison is turned to 90 ° to a stretch / blow molding station, stretched, blown into a bottle, and cooled. The bottle is turned 90 ° to the removal station.

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