An oil pump in an internal combustion engine circulates oil under pressure to the engine's rotating bearings, sliding pistons, and camshafts. This lubricates the bearings, allows the use of high-capacity fluid bearings, and also helps cool the engine.

In addition to the main purpose of lubrication, pressurized oil is also increasingly used as hydraulic oil to power small actuators. One of the first important uses of this method was hydraulic lifters for camshaft and valve actuation. Applications that have become more common in recent times include tensioners for timing belts or transmissions for variable valve timing systems.

Re-use the electric oil pump to improve reliability. Some "turbine timer" electric auxiliary oil pumps are sometimes installed on turbocharged engines. This is the second oil pump that continues to run after the engine has stopped, providing cooling oil to the turbocharger's thermal bearings for several minutes while cooling.

Oil pumps in high-performance engines
Not all engines have the same refueling requirements. For example, high-performance engines put more pressure on the lubrication system. In this case, the lubrication system must be particularly robust to prevent engine damage. Most automotive engines on the road today do not exceed 5,000–6,000 rpm, but this is not always the case with high-performance engines, as high-performance engines may reach 8000-9000 rpm. In this type of engine, the oil must circulate fast enough, otherwise air may be trapped in the oil. In addition, in order to release power, the engines in some high-performance applications run on lighter oils, and the power required to run oil pumps is less. Today, engine oils commonly weigh 5W-30 or 10W-30, and high-performance engines may use lower viscosity 0W-20 oils.

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