Been playing since back RuneScape gold in the day of this giveaway. I'd like to have really good friends online in-game and from memory I think we all started chatting while fishing lobsters. All kinda drifted apart as we got older, got married and stopped playing. To playing after a break of a couple of years, I have only came back and it's a quiet time on runescape. Not one of them log in any more although my friends list in match still has the older titles on it. I really do miss the social side but can not work out how to learn more about the clan aspect of things.

We fought a bunch of times spread out through many unique days. We must have had the same schedule. We managed to have over the bunny fight pits and continue on to coaching Woodcutting in Draynor, with the both of us being too stubborn to hop worlds. We were skilling bros.This is your unhappy paragraph. Directly he told me via a pm that he'd been having thoughts of suicide and started up.

We stood on top of the church tower north of the Varrock Museum and just... talked. About RuneScape along with his crappy math instructor and actually just anything. I stayed up till past midnight and simply tried to get him to continue speaking. I have him on my friends list. Heis right on the top and's the buddy. It's a bit offensive for some, so suffice it to say I have not seen him login because although I would normally talk about it and I have not seen that name on another mmo. I think about him every time I am at Varrock's side.

A while back I met someone through commerce chat to buy RS gold in WoW, we instantly bonded over the hatred of the personalities' race (orc). Over the weeks and months we climbed near and started every day, talking. Our discussions became about runescape and more about our lives; who we are. Over the past 2 weeks the talks are becoming more and more about depression and thoughts of suicide. This is something close and dear to me give I was to this ledge a couple of years back.