PVC cabinet board

PVC cabinet board     are commonly used for low-end furniture, floor cushions, and as substrates for kitchen and bathroom countertops. This material can be milled with all power tools, but with moderate tearing. The surface of PVC cabinet board is usually coated with a thin layer of laminate or veneer to improve the appearance. PVC cabinet boards are prone to chipping and cracking, making it difficult to mold or mold.


MDF is the first choice for manufacturers of high-end furniture, cabinets and shelves. This panel type panel is easier to grind than a PVC cabinet panel because it prevents chipping and tearing. MDF can be molded and molded by all power tools and is therefore widely used for molding. MDF can be veneered or laminated and, unlike particleboard, can accept coatings without excessive absorption or undesired warping.


MDF is widely used in home improvement stores with a panel of 49 x 97 inches and a thickness of 1/2 or 3/4 inches. Pre-cut 4 to 8 foot shelves and molded lengths of 8 to 16 feet are also common. MDF is unfinished and only primed or primed and primed. PVC cabinet boards are sold as 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick unpainted 4 x 8 foot panels or pre-cut panels for shelves of various lengths.

Performance comparison

The American Composite Board Association has compared shelf requirements for using 12-inch or narrower PVC cabinet boards with MDF shelves under various loads. For a 1 / 2-inch-thick single-span shelf, it is supported only at the end, does not involve a middle bracket, and carries a load of 50 pounds. 13-inch particleboard is required per square foot. MDF shelves must be 15 inches long. PVC cabinet boards are easier to bend and must have shorter spans than MDF supports or uses.

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