The material of the curtain rod is mainly metal and wood. Currently more common on the market are solid wood curtain rods, steel pipe curtain rods, aluminum alloy curtain rods, and plastic steel curtain rods.

Aluminum alloy curtain rods, as the name implies, are made of aluminum alloy material. Compared with curtain rods made of other materials, the biggest highlight is that they have a soft and flexible characteristic and can be bent significantly. So, how to choose the aluminum alloy curtain rod?

I. Brand Quality Orientation

When consumers buy certain products, they tend to choose more well-known brands. Well-known brand quality and service are more guaranteed.

Second, style tone guide

Curtains are the eyes of the room. In modern home life, more and more families choose bright poles, that is, they can see the color of the pole and the track of the decorative head, which is more in line with the current trend of "light decoration and heavy decoration". When choosing a curtain rod, we must consider the color of the window cover (preferably the color of the curtain rod and the window cover), home design style and color considerations, and pursue aesthetic harmony.

Third, the thickness of the pick wall

There are many aluminum alloy curtain rods on the market, their hardness is not high, and they can be greatly bent. When selecting, the thickness of the rod wall is mainly selected (the thickness of the rod wall is preferably between 1.0mm-1.3mm).

Fourth, look at the surface

Looking at the surface treatment, the rod with a good surface treatment is relatively smooth and the metal texture is obvious. It can be used with curtains of various colors.

Five, look at the pull ring

Next, we must look at the design of the pull ring. We must be alert to the use of recycled plastic pull rings on the market. This kind of pull ring has a rough manufacturing process, and the recycled plastic is easy to age and break and is not abrasion resistant. Although many aluminum alloy rods have a muffler strip, the material of the muffler strip is mainly plastic, and it will not last long. You must pay attention to this when selecting.

6. Is there a slot?

Pay attention to whether the curtain rod is slotted or not. For the aluminum alloy curtain rod without slot, the contact friction between the pull ring and the track will increase the noise when the curtain is pulled.

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