I would like an owner mode like 2K and Madden, too. I like that in 2K you can purchase the team. Or at Madden you can be the proprietor at the beginning. I believe an owner mode would function for FIFA where we can hire the manager as well as players and staff. I love NBA 2K MT so much and it disturbs me to see how more advanced it's from FIFA. Granted, there are a lot less championships, but I played 25+ years at one NBA 2k save earlier, although every player was fake, it was still really enjoyable.I think it'd be cool but you HAVE to remember that there are 30 teams of 15 players +150 free agents. The FIFA database is MASSIVE compared to that, so things like tracking player stats would be tough.

Half Knicks related, half me trying to process what is happening. I've always been a Kobe fan, sometimes from the closet in the open. Back when I played NBA 2K quite alot I recall I used to imagine Kobe ending his profession a Knick, also helping to deliver us that long awaited title. I recall the variant, NBA 2K13, in which Kobe would strike free service then first season and I'd bring him to the Knicks to play Amount 2 to our afterward superstar Carmelo. I still have the save game on my PS3, but not the game, that can be a boon since as a part of me wishes I could load that save wherever I'd left off and play one more game in my fantasy of Kobe as a Knick, I only know I couldn't do it.

We are equally 41, born in 1978. We both had brothers, two of these, roughly the exact same age. He had been a role model for me if I am right, although he knew I was. I felt a kinship to him. An individual born to the earth in the same year, a man who was a father just like me.It's why I would attempt to sign him to the Knicks. This is why despite getting my women a danillo gallinari jersey and Amare jersey as infants they also got Kobe ones too.I do not know if this is right to stay here on our Knicks sub. However, I hope others may share their Kobe associated stories, however trivial, like mine is. I miss him and am mourning for him, although he was never a Knick.

I'll always remember the game in 2k I played with a young Frobe against my very best friend where I wrapped 70 pts on him together with the mamba. It felt as though I was using a cheat code and scoring that much felt like it wasn't even realistic at a video game to put up those numbers. You realize that the absurdity which was Kobe couldn't be computed by a video game, and that he scored eighty fucking one points at a real game. I yell his name anytime I make some shot that is ridiculous at a garbage can or in a game and I'm pushing 30. We have a little mamba mindset in us although he may not be here with us anymore. Rest In Peace to you and your daughter. All our hearts have been broken for your family and I can they find peace.

Regarding AI teammate logic- as they haven't played with basketball for at least 4 weeks, our teammates seem. Offball offensive movement is repetitive and clumsy- particularly if freelancing from a play spacing is always off. On breaks that are fast, your teammate is more likely to bring a pull that is contested upward midrange shot than an open. I've seen defensive players watch competitions go on fast breaks, especially beyond them and stand by.

Regarding competition logic- my gripe here is that each and every team plays with the exact same way. Two or run one plays and then goes off the rails the moment that star player leaves the courtroom Buy NBA 2K Coins. Defensively, they play man defense until my participant produces a few shots in a row (or has three assists) and I spend the rest of the match being double teamed on grab and being hauled off ball. It reduces me scoring 50 points since, yet more, the AI doesn't adapt. It does not matter the playstyle, the trainer, or even the group.