As people pay more and more attention to protecting the environment and saving energy and costs, LEDs (light emitting diodes) are becoming an increasingly popular choice for light sources for emergency lighting fixtures. In addition, the government is currently providing economic incentives to switch to low-energy-consuming products: The Enhanced Capital Subsidy (ECA) program allows companies to claim 100% of their first-year capital subsidies for investments in certain energy-efficient equipment without paying taxable profits.

LEDs do not contain mercury, and their low energy consumption, high efficiency and long life (usually 10 years) mean that they are less harmful to the environment than almost any other type of light source. Unlike some energy-saving light bulbs, they can emit light immediately, and they are much smaller than traditional fluorescent tubes, for example, which means that there is more fashionable design room in emergency lighting equipment. The most advanced models even include three self-tests: continuous battery test, lamp test and duration test. This represents a significant reduction in maintenance costs throughout the product's life cycle.

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