Now PP bottles are gradually opening the Chinese plastic packaging market. It is expected that 10 million tons of PP plastic bottles will be put on the market this year.
 Why did PP bottles develop so quickly? It is mainly closely related to its characteristics. So, what are the main advantages of PP plastic bottles compared to PVC plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles, and PET bottles?

1. Compared with PVC plastic bottle, it has strong stability and high melting point. PVC plastic bottles decompose plasticizers at high temperatures and cannot be used for heating. It is also a type of plastic packaging container that people taboo.

2. Compared with PE plastic bottles, PP plastic bottles are lighter, harder in transparency, white and translucent, and waxy. PE plastic bottles have better insulation properties, low water absorption, and a melting point of up to 140 degrees.
3. Compared with PET plastic bottles, the price is about 10% -30% cheaper than PET plastic bottles, 0.9g / cc PET plastic bottles with a density less than 1.35g / cc; PP plastic bottles can be stored at 100 degrees for hot filling. And PET plastic bottles cannot be higher than 76 degrees. PP plastic bottles have good temperature resistance, flexible bottle design, safety and hygiene.


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