The stainless steel sink combines multiple kitchen styles and two deep bowls to separate clean and dirty dishes. When installed as a top-mounted sink, the low bezel simplifies cleaning. So what's wrong with installing a stainless steel sink? China stainless steel manual sink manufacturer, supplier and Ningbo Afa Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd. elaborated:


  1. Who should install the sink?

In fact, the sink is usually not responsible for the installation of the sink. We have two choices. First, we can find a decoration team to assist with the installation. In fact, they can find all the materials in the house. If they won't install, then the install master will naturally introduce you and you can talk to them about the price. You can also find cabinet traders to install them. When making cabinets, they will ask you for the dimensions of the sink, cooker and range hood. It's best to get them ready for the business to see the real thing. this is the best. If you are looking for cabinets made of woodwork, you must find a stone dealer to install them. They have professional stone cutting tools.

  1. Which one is best, the upper sink, the lower sink and the lower sink? Are there any requirements for the sink?

I suggest you install the washbasin or washbasin above, so if you encounter any problems later, you can scrape the glass glue and remove the fasteners, you can remove the sink, but the undercounter basin is fixed under the marble table with meteorite glue The stone is connected to the edge of the sink, and the marble glue is very strong. If you encounter problems in the future, you just need to smash or cut the marble.

These three installation types have no requirements for the sink, and almost all of them have been tried. Of course, certain single-shaped sinks, such as corner sinks, are not excluded. It's best to ask the merchant when buying to prevent buying errors.

  1. Will the screws on the overflow port rust?


  1. Is there any raw material tape around the drain nut?

At the joints of the sink drain pipe, most drain pipes are connected by nuts. Nuts and piping will have rubber pads at the screw ports. High-quality drainage pipes need not be wrapped with raw materials. This rubber pad can be completely sealed. Now, if the quality of the sewer you purchased is not good enough, and the rubber pads cannot be sealed, you can wrap some raw materials and seal it better.

The widespread use of stainless steel sinks has led to an increasing number of households also using stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel sinks are easier to clean and stainless steel sinks are less prone to rust. As a result, stainless steel sinks have become increasingly popular.

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