Gear pumps are compact, simple, and have a limited number of moving parts. Gear pumps cannot match the pressure generated by reciprocating pumps or the flow of centrifugal pumps, but they have higher pressures and throughputs than vane or vane pumps. The internal gear pump has better suction power than the external gear design. Although it is applicable from 1cP to 1,000,000cP or more, it is more suitable for high viscosity fluids.

Because output is proportional to speed, internal gear pumps are often used for metering and mixing operations. The small internal volume allows reliable measurement of liquid flowing through the pump for precise flow control.

Internal gear pumps can be designed to handle corrosive liquids. Although they are usually made of cast iron or stainless steel, new alloys and composites enable pumps to handle corrosive liquids such as sulfuric acid, sodium hypochlorite, iron chloride and sodium hydroxide.

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