In outdoor lighting fixtures, we often encounter two different types of lights with the same name. For example, LED waterproof light chain, it can be understood as both an LED light chain and an LED pixel point light source. It can also be a LED decorative light chain. What are the similarities and differences between the two? What are their uses?

LED pixel point light source
LED waterproof light chain: The waterproof light chain has subtle changes. It is also the case that their mode and performance are similar, but their uses are very different. LED light chains can be used for indoor decoration and outdoor municipal lighting. From home decoration to municipal roads, Christmas lights festival, etc. Because of the changeable shape, it left a deep impression on everyone.
LED pixel point light source: also known as LED point light, LED waterproof light chain, LED point light source and so on. It is often used for building floor lighting, store signage, and ancient building outline sketches. I believe that users who understand building lighting know that LED pixel light sources are the most non-outdoor displays.
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