The laundry cabinet installed on the balcony at home often has problems, and it is easy to overflow. As a result, many other items placed on the balcony also suffer. This feels really terrible. To avoid these situations, install a balcony laundry cabinet. We need extra attention. Next, introduce some precautions for installing a balcony laundry cabinet in detail.
 When installing a balcony laundry cabinet, two points are very important, one is the location of water and electricity, and the outlet, and the second is the location of the drain. Once the location of water, electricity and sockets is wrong, it is easy to cause unnecessary trouble.
In principle, we recommend the layout of water and electricity: the water inlet of the faucet and the power plug of the washing machine are placed close to the basin, and it is more suitable to be about 50cm from the ground. When Chinese stainless steel kitchen cabinet manufacturers design products, the back of the washbasin is basically empty. This is done to facilitate the installation of products such as angle valves and faucets.

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