“The best defense is a good offense” is how the saying goes, and its relevance is proved true in Madden NFL 20. The game carries over a lot of the same offensive plays from the previous game with a few changes here and there. This Madden NFL 20 Best Offense Playbooks guide details the absolute best offensive playbooks in the game from each team.

Madden NFL 20 Best Offense Playbooks

All of the offensive playbooks in Madden NFL 20 are unique and bring something new to your playthrough experience. We’ve narrowed down the absolute best 5 plays in the game so pick whichever one of these suits you best.

1. Atlanta Falcons

This playbook hasn’t changed much over the years. They have 3 I Forms that can be useful. If you pass a lot then the Shotguns such as the Shotgun Bunch, Eagle Trips, Tight Flex, Trio Offset, etc.

The best two formations are Singleback and Shotgun.

2. New England Patriots

This team has one of the most memorable offense playbooks in the game. The Shotgun: Bunch Trail play allows you to hit the receiver on either the left or right sides when they cut to the sidelines.

You can also take the one who tries to cut back to the middle of the field after running at the side. Other shotgun plays such as Wheel, Mesh Switch, PA Counter Go, and Bench Swap are also useful.

3. Carolina Panthers

This playbook has some great run formations that play well. The Shotguns are pretty great but it’s the Singleback formations that shine.

The Ace Pair, Bunch Ace, and Deuce Close are notable examples. A lot of these are pretty old as the playbook hasn’t changed a lot but it doesn’t need to since it offers a lot of variety overall.

4. Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury brought his immense knowledge regarding the spread offense to this playbook. It is filled with great shotgun formations like the Shotgun cluster in which TE is not attached to the line. This playstyle allows you to get a lot of yardages.

5. Seattle Seahawks

This playbook is impressive due to the really solid passing and running plays that allow you to pull guards and tight ends while strategizing carefully.

Shotgun: HB is particularly great as it allows you two pulling guards so that you can clear out the path for your running back. This is about everything that we could cover for Madden NFL 20 Offensive Playbooks Guide. For more methods of famring MUT Coins in madden nfl 20, please check below link: https://www.igvault.com/NFL-20-Coins