Pu leather is a kind of artificial synthetic leather material, but it is not the artificial leather we often say. Pu leather does not have a plasticizer on the surface of artificial leather to achieve the purpose of softness. It has soft characteristics in itself. So if it is immersed in gasoline for more than half an hour, it is still soft, and it will not be hard and brittle like artificial leather because its surface is coated with plasticizer.

The higher-grade pu leather is coated with pu resin on the surface of the second-layer cowhide. Because of its unique technology and novel variety, it is loved by consumers. The back of the pu leather is a knitted cloth base. In addition to being distinguishable with the naked eye, it can also be burned. The flammability of the pu leather determines that it will melt when it burns.

PU leather has extremely excellent abrasion resistance, excellent breathability, aging resistance, soft and comfortable, and strong flexibility. Its appearance effect is most similar to real leather, and its products are superior to natural leather in terms of thickness uniformity, tear strength, vividness, and utilization of leather surface.

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