There are currently two types of lanterns on the market, one is high-quality and high-quality led lanterns for foreign trade, and the other is cheap and poor-quality LED lanterns made in Zhejiang.
The price of LED lanterns is determined by many factors, such as the material price of the product itself, the requirements of the production process and many other factors. LED decorative light suppliers summarize the determinants of the price of LED lanterns:


The cost of purchasing LED tubes with the same light emission wavelength will be relatively high. To be consistent in color, it is not easy to screen without a led spectrophotometer. Purchasing a spectrophotometer will increase production costs.

2.led chip
Different chips will have different prices. The most common chips are LED chips from Japan, the United States and Taiwan, and local Chinese manufacturers. Among them, the price of chips in Japan and the United States is relatively high.

If the brightness is different, the price will be different. The luminous efficiency of the die is relatively high, with more than 100 lumens per watt and power greater than 3 watts, its price is higher than other performance specifications.

4.Chip size
If the chip is large, the die base is large, the heat dissipation effect is also good, and the power it can withstand is also large. Then its price is directly proportional to the chip size.

  1. Leakage current
    The larger the leakage current, the larger the tube consumption, and the shorter the use time, the lower the price.

6, electrical capacity
If the antistatic ability is relatively poor, the arc tube will be easily broken down and damaged. Strong antistatic ability, long use time, stable quality, so high price.

7, life
The larger the working current, the faster the light decay and the longer the use time. Long-term use, the price is relatively high.

8.Light angle
It is used for different purposes, and its light emitting angle is different. If it is a special light angle, then the price is relatively high. Such as full diffusion angle.

Ordinary colloid is basically epoxy resin, high-quality outdoor led lights, anti-ultraviolet, and fireproof, the price is relatively high.


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