T7 series vane pumps have high pressure capabilities, which reduces installation costs and extends service life. They are small and can operate up to 320 bar. They are optimized for industrial applications.

T7 series vane pumps are specially designed for high and low circuits. The combination in bipolar and tripolar pumps allows low flow at high pressure and high flow at lower pressure. This is the smart way to optimize your circuit design.

The pump also allows very rapid pressure cycling with very repeatable flow.

Characteristics and advantages of T7 series vane pump:
Energy Consumption: High mechanical and volumetric efficiency, typically 94%, reduces heat generation and allows speeds to be reduced to 600 RPM at full pressure.

Reduced noise level: Wide speed range from 600 RPM to 3600 RPM, combined with large size product displacement, will optimize operation to achieve low noise levels in a small operating range.

Increased service life: Parker's two-leaf concept increases resistance to particulate contamination. In addition, low ripple pressure (± 2 bar) reduces pipe noise and protects other components in the circuit.

Easy to install: Parker's industrial vane pumps use displacement and use the same body to get different displacements, significantly simplifying the installation design. Port orientation allows for custom installations and is ideal for applications where conditions are limited.

T7 series vane pump market:
Injection molding machine
Lubrication device
machine tool

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