There are various types of night lights on the market. Depending on the type of bulb used and its design, all night lights use different wattages. The information provided here breaks down the various night lights available and the approximate wattage used to power them. Knowing the wattage of night lights can help you save on electricity bills.

Different types of night lights with different wattages

Incandescent light bulb
Some of the most common bulbs you find in night light are incandescent, but modern bulbs use less wattage. Incandescent lights typically have a longer life span, with energy consumption between 1.5 and 7.5 watts depending on the size of the bulb used. However, most incandescent light bulbs used for night lights use about four watts of energy to power the lights.

  1. LED (light emitting diode) night light bulb
    LED bulbs are a more modern way to have night lights. They have a long life span and even offer multiple colors to help sleep. There are many different types of LED night light bulbs on the market, as well as replacement bulbs provided with your specific night light construction design.

Generally, LED night light bulbs consume about 0.5 watts of energy, which makes them extremely energy efficient while having a long service life. The night light powered by LED bulbs can run 24 hours a day, and your electricity bill may not be much different at all. The cost is usually around 20 cents per year.

3.Neon luminous bulb
Although they are not as commonly used as other bulbs, neon luminous bulbs are still a good light source, and similar to LED bulbs, they don't consume much power. Neon light bulbs usually emit a glow similar to orange, and often have a color filter passing over them to change the color to another color.

So, how many watts does a night light consume? When it comes to neon luminous bulbs, their energy ranges between 0.5 and 1 watt, depending on the size. Neon luminous bulbs are made of a small glass capsule that is mixed with neon, argon, k, or xenon. The percentage of mixed gas and neon gas plays an important role in the color emitted by the bulb.

4.Electroluminescent night light
Probably the most modern night light bulb available is an electroluminescent night light. They don't contain bulbs, so you don't need to worry about replacing anything. Even better, they do have a very long service life.

Electroluminescent night lights are very energy efficient, consuming only about 5 cents a year. They can come in a variety of colors, feel cool to the touch, and emit enough light to suit your needs.

These types of night lights consume about 0.5 watts, and sometimes even less. They are an important light source for your child's bedroom, because you don't have to worry about the heat emitted by the light, and their color temperature range is low.


If you are not interested in electroluminescent night lights that are not powered by actual lights, it is best to use LED night light bulbs. It gives you the option to use a light bulb that consumes a small amount of energy at about 0.5 watts of power, while also choosing from a variety of options. You can even find LED night lights in various colors.


If you are planning to buy one or you want to save on electricity, you need to consider not only the wattage of the night light, but also more. In most cases, using night lights may not cost you much money to notice the increase in electricity bills.

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