In addition to the management of    Vane Pumps    , it is necessary to prevent the dry running and overload, prevent the suction of air and the suction vacuum from being too large:

1. If the pump direction is changed, the suction and discharge direction is also changed. The vane pump has a specified direction, and no reverse is allowed. Because the rotor blades are inclined, the blades are chamfered, and the bottom of the blades communicate with the oil discharge chamber. The throttle grooves and the suction and discharge ports on the oil distribution plate are designed according to the intended steering. Reversible vane pumps must be specifically designed.

2. The vane pump is equipped with the oil distribution plate and the positioning pin for the stator. The vane, rotor, and oil distribution plate must not be installed reversely. The suction area of ​​the inner surface of the stator is the most prone to wear. Continue to use for drainage.

3. Disassembly Pay attention to the clean working surface, and the oil should be well filtered during work.

4. If the gap between the blade in the groove is too large, the leakage will increase. If it is too small, the blade will not be able to expand and contract freely, which will cause abnormal working.

5. The axial clearance of the vane pump has a great influence on ηv.
1) Small pump-0.015 ~ 0.03mm
2) Medium pump-0.02 ~ 0.045mm6. The temperature and viscosity of the oil should generally not exceed 55 ° C, and the viscosity should be between 17 and 37 mm2 / s. Too much viscosity makes oil absorption difficult; too little viscosity causes serious leakage. As a pump product, vane pump refers more to vane pump. Vane pumps are almost all referred to as vane pumps.


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