The washing machine generally adopts a single-phase capacitive AC Direction Motor , and the washer motor is mainly composed of a stator, a rotor, a main (sub) winding and an end cover. When inspecting the washer motor, open the rear cover and disassemble the motor leads. The specific inspection method is as follows. Motor winding short circuit inspection method:

The washer motor needs to rotate forward and reverse to drive the cycle of the pulsator, so the parameters of the main and auxiliary windings are designed to be the same. Use the multimeter ohms (RX10 ohm or RX1 ohm) to measure the value of the nozzle between the open end and the other two leads. If the measured value is basically - (typically several tens of ohms), the motor is normal. If the measured values differ greatly, the winding with a small resistance has a short circuit.

The main and auxiliary winding parameters of the dehydration motor are different, and the resistance value is measured with a multimeter ohmmeter (Rx10 ohm). If the main winding resistance is 65-95 ohms and the secondary winding is 110~200 ohms (the secondary winding is 508 larger than the main winding resistance), the motor is normal. If it is less than the above resistance, the motor has a short circuit.

Use the multimeter ohmmeter (Rx10 kohm) to measure the lead-to-end and end cap or the resistance between the core, such as the pointer swing, it indicates that the winding insulation is poor, and there is a short circuit between the end cover. Motor winding open circuit inspection method: use the multimeter ohmmeter measurement, when there is no conduction between any two leads, it means that the motor winding has an open circuit. When there is an open or short circuit, rewind the winding or replace the washer motor.

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