1. Luer connector tee
    Tee with standard Luer connector is widely used in clinical because of its convenience. For this type of tee with Luer connector, in use, there are some details that need attention:

The pre-filled amount of tees generally ranges from 0.2ml to 0.4ml. The superposition of tees may affect the drug delivery kinetics;

The inner diameter of the tee is different from the infusion line, which may cause the liquid flow rate to decrease;

Although the use of tees has expanded the number of simultaneous infusions, the risk of drug interactions has also increased.

Therefore, if necessary, the number of catheter lumens should be increased, rather than the number of tees.

  1. Prevent pollution
    Contamination of Luer connectors is also a clinical concern. Here are a few small details that can help us prevent Luer contamination:

Before and after disconnecting the Luer connector, carefully clean your hands, including washing your hands or washing with gel / foam containing alcohol;

Wipe vigorously for 15 seconds to achieve 100% disinfection. Studies show that only 5 seconds 67% of the germs can still spread;

  1. About disinfection
    The cotton swab can only disinfect the outer edge of the Luer connector, and cannot disinfect the inside of the Luer connector. Once the inside of the Luer connector is contaminated, the tee / conduit should be replaced immediately;
  2. Appearance inspection
    Check that the heparin cap and plug are tightened. Some plugs (especially the plugs of some pressure transducers) are hollow and should be replaced as soon as they are connected to the pipeline. The plugs 4 and 7 are hollow as shown in the figure below.

Plugs 4 and 7 are hollow and should be replaced immediately

Attention to the small details of Luer connectors and tees can help prevent central venous catheter-related infections!


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