The pre-filled syringe is mainly composed of a needle tube, a rubber piston, a push rod, a stainless steel injection needle or a cone head (Ruhr cone head) and a protective cap. It directly stores the liquid medicine into the syringe for storage, and is simple and convenient to use. The syringe assembly has good compatibility with the drug, and the syringe itself has a good sealing performance, and the medicine can be stored for a long time.

Advantages of prefilled syringes:

1. Reflecting medical and clinical advantages: high quality, precise dose, preset dose; reducing the probability of microbial contamination; clear identification, can reduce the occurrence of potential medical accidents, and facilitate the management of patient records.

2. Pre-filled syringes increase the use rate of the liquid medicine and reduce the waste of the liquid medicine, so the cost can be reduced while increasing the sales volume.

3. The pre-filled syringe has been sterilized without pyrogen or granules. It can be directly filled in the 10,000-class clean room of the pharmaceutical company, eliminating the cumbersome procedures for cleaning the packaging container by the pharmaceutical company and reducing the cleaning. Investment in equipment; enterprises spend less energy on packaging, but can effectively improve the grade of the product; for users, this simple and safe packaging eliminates the trouble of pumping the liquid into the syringe, reducing Many accidents have occurred

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