In recent years, LED lights are becoming popular LED spotlights on the market. Compared with other LED lights, LED spotlights are cost-effective and have a wider range of applications. LED lights can be used indoors and outdoors.

1. LED spotlight low voltage DC drive: small load, strong anti-interference ability, low requirements for use environment.

2. LED spotlights provide better control of spectral composition and can be used well in museums and local or accent lighting exhibitions.

3. The LED spotlight has a very strong light-emitting point: the light attenuation is much lower than the traditional light source, and the LED spotlight price is civilian.

4. The response time of the LED spotlight is very fast: in the microsecond level, as soon as the switch is turned on, it will light up quickly without delay and flicker.

5. The energy of the light emitted by the LED spotlight is highly concentrated: it is concentrated in a small wavelength window and has a high purity.

6 long service life: generally between 50,000-100,000 hours, because LED is a semiconductor device, even if it is frequently switched, it will not affect the service life.

7Environmental protection, LED spotlights do not add "mercury" in the production process, and do not need to be inflated, no glass casing, impact resistance, impact resistance, not brittle, easy to transport and very environmentally friendly, known as "green energy", LEDs illuminate the price of civilians.

8. Energy saving of LED spotlights: The spectrum of LED spotlights is almost entirely concentrated in the visible spectrum, and the luminous efficiency is as high as 80~90%. Most people think that saving energy by 4/5 energy is a big initiative, and energy-saving lamps are 1/4 more energy efficient than LED spotlights, which is a bigger reform of solid-state light sources.

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