LED star lights are used for decorations on indoor and outdoor garden buildings, which have a certain beautification effect on embellishment and urban lighting. In urban streets or green spaces, the illuminating parts are designed into various structures such as a ring shape and a belt shape to partially illuminate the lawn; at the same time, they become decorative elements in the daytime environment. Commonly used products rated working voltage AC220V, the control method is mostly internal control (in the place where synchronization needs to be changed, the synchronization line can be used to achieve forced synchronization). In actual engineering, it is often used as a decorative lighting in conjunction with a gas discharge light source. LED lights of various shapes and functions, such as lawn lights, landscape lights, and bulbs, can be combined into a colorful illusion of light. This "multi-color, multi-bright spot, multi-pattern" change reflects the characteristics of the LED light source. Wedding backgrounds, hotels, hotels, bars, parties, commercial buildings, homes, windows, clubs, concerts, karaoke bars, fashion shows, dance halls, stages, etc., as long as you want, will bring you luxury Romantic and warm touch.


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