What is small business financing?

Small businesses financing refers to the methods used by aspiring or established business owners to raise funds to launch a new small business, buy an existing small business, or invest in a small firm that already exists to support ongoing or upcoming business activities.

It’s no secret that securing finance may be challenging for small businesses.

Therefore, be careful to ask yourself:

How can I maximize my chances of gaining credit approval? before approaching lenders.


All you can do is use accounting software for financial management


TallyPrime is accounting software that supports VAT and aids in managing your finances by maintaining your balance sheet and tax return.

Tally is accounting software that helps companies report, store, and analyze their financial data.

Accounting software, with its automated capacity, makes it simple to capture and generate pertinent information from data, whether there are a hundred or thousands of transactions.

The elimination of manual errors speeds up, streamlines, and improves accounting.

As all the information is in one place, there are fewer business expenses, fewer errors, and more time saved.

Accounting software enables quick access to financial data when required and provides access to in-depth reports that aid in financial decision-making.

TallyPrime assists with accounting as well as payroll management, invoicing, and inventory management.

TallyPrime is distributed by Penieltech in the UAE.

With extensive experience implementing business solutions inside the Tally framework, Peniel Technology is a well-known company serving clients worldwide.

By bringing a superior grasp of the business processes to the table, we significantly increase the productivity of our customers’ businesses with the aid of Tally Software, UAE.

Penieltech has two subscription options TallyPrime Gold and Silver.

TallyPrime Gold

With Tally Prime Gold, you may connect an unlimited number of PCs to a local area network.

The only difference between the Gold and Silver editions in terms of features and functionality is the ability for multiple users to operate simultaneously.

Tally Prime Gold has new features that provide data security, remote access, and on-demand data synchronization.

And also flexibility to match your business procedures.

TallyPrime silver

One user is intended for Tally Prime Silver.

This edition includes Tally.NET and services like remote access in addition to all the features and capabilities.

Except for running on a single system at a time, both versions are identical in terms of features and functionalities.

In addition to subscription services, Penieltech offers highly customizable software that is simple to adapt to your company’s needs.


QuickBooks is an additional piece of accounting software.

It is a powerful accounting tool for startups and growing businesses.

One of the top accounting and bookkeeping applications, QuickBooks, is favored by many businesses.

Using QuickBooks, the accounting and bookkeeping process is simple and real-time.

It is a versatile piece of software that might satisfy your needs in terms of accounting.

This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you have a busy schedule and a lot of data to enter.

This program is used by thousands of professionals, including small business owners, independent bookkeepers, and huge enterprises.

Its main targets are small and medium-sized businesses, as well as independent contractors.

Additionally, QuickBooks is available internationally and has offices all over the world.

ERP Accounting software

Last but not least software for accounting is ERP.

Along with other tools, ERP offers accounting software in Dubai for small businesses.

This software makes bookkeeping simple. ERP financial software accounting dashboards provide a quick view of all key performance indicators.

With the help of customizable accounting dimensions and dashboards, you can now analyze every aspect of your growing business in one place.

Additionally, ERP software offers Billing and invoicing, journals, payments, multi-currency invoicing, banking, and customization features.