An    Airless Pump Bottle    is a pressureless Airless dispensing system that utilizes a mechanical pump in the bottle. When the pump is pushed down, the flap in the bottle will rise and push the product out of the pump. When the bottle is full, the material stored in the bottle will remain and remain intact until it is used up. Airless packaging will help extend the shelf life of the final product.


With a conventional pump bottle, when the contents of the bottle become less, the tube in the bottle will no longer be able to pull the product onto the pump, so it is common practice to remove the pump and attempt to remove the remaining material from the pump. Use a scraper type tool. As the pump is repeatedly opened and the contents exposed to the air, certain products will eventually be oxidized and lose their effectiveness.


For airless bottles, the material in the bottle will be fully dispensed without opening the pump, so the integrity of the contents will remain stable during use.


Other advantages of using a gasless bottle -


  1. Ability to use less or no chemical preservatives.


  1. Allow organic and natural objects to be hit and delivered to users.


  1. The contents can be taken out without placing the bottle upright. If the travel or painter is on site, the content can be distributed immediately after the content is removed from the store without waiting for the content to move and settle to the bottom.


  1. When the contents of the bottle are not in contact with air, the shelf life will be longer.


  1. Like the products you own, such as foundation creams and moisturizers, but there are no pumps in the package. Simply transfer the product to a gas free bottle for easy distribution.


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