The Air Jordan 35 officially released this year must be familiar to everyone. Jordan Brand almost simultaneously launched the Jumpman 2021 PF, New Jordan which looks exactly like the Air Jordan 35. Recently, this shoe has a new white grape color scheme, and the visual effect is quite refreshing. The entire pair of shoes is decorated with a large area of ​​white body, supplemented by black lines to outline the body. The tongue and midsole are filled with purple, and the Tiffany green Jumpman Logo is quite eye-catching against the purple. At the same time, the white grape color matching effect is rendered for the entire pair of shoes. The forefoot of the sole is equipped with an Air Zoom cushion, which is suitable for a variety of venues and has better compatibility.

Nike Air Force AF1 color matching series Air Force1 LOW’07 original last original New Drop Jordans cardboard to create a pure air force version, focusing on foreign trade channels, full-handed built-in honeycomb air cushion original box accessories, original midsole steel stamping perfect. Nike Max 2090 half palm air cushion dream running shoes Nike Nike Air Vapormax 2090 dream running shoes Nike Nike Air Max Vapormax 2090 official synchronization new high-frequency woven rear cushion cushioning running shoes. Adidas Really Explosive ZX 2K Adidas Cushioning Running Shoes Yiyan Qianxi The same Adidas Originals ZX 2K Boost new popcorn cushioning casual sports running shoes, inspired by the running shoes of the 80s, using mesh material and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) upper with reflective The material strives to help you show yourself. The Boost midsole aims to bring a comfortable and sporty feeling.

The adidas ultra boost 2021 series of adidas UB 2021 popcorn is officially exposed. Buy Jordan Soles The new generation of ultra boost 21 adds more boost material area to the midsole, except for some iconic details The style is presented in a streamlined "front convex and back warped", and the support piece of the midsole has also become a peculiar "U"-shaped shoe design with a sense of speed. Adidas Alpha Commemorative Popcorn Adidas adidas Lava Boost Alpha Volcano Popcorn Series Alpha Breathable Casual Sports Jogging Shoes, midsole imitation burst texture EVA foam cushioning material TPU brackets on both sides firmly support the non-slip rubber outsole.