Old School Runescape is a classic multiplayer online game with millions of fans. In OSRS, there is a creature that can provide players with certain experience points, and that is the sand crab. Today we will talk about the cute sand crab.

Sand Crabs is one of Old School Runescape's best creatures to farm EXP, Cheap OSRS Gold, and levels a variety of skills and attributes. But where would you find these pesky creatures? And where would you like to go to locate a bunch of them? Well, it happens to be quite simple.

First, you'll need to head to Port Sairam that is west of Draynor Village. You'll want to check out the dock and visit the bottom platform to acquire on a ship destined for Great Kourend. There will be an elderly character that can take you to the island. Once you arrive about the island, you may be at the port and definitely will need to walk all the way down south for the map for the large beach around the island, just above Crabclaw Isle. You will discover a bunch of Sand Crabs there, along with a few other players aiming to farm the critters for gold and experience.

Sand Crabs are the perfect creature to farm EXP on for combat training and defense purposes. It is important to take a couple of health-restoring items when you train so that you don't run the risk of dying. All the Sand Crabs are about level 15, so be certain that you're high enough level to adopt a couple of them on. They all have a hitpoint total of 60. You can even farm rare drops in the creatures to Buy Old School Runescape Gold. Because you train, it is important to only hold on to your more expensive items.

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