A practical medical sealing machine can copy printed content and network storage at the same time, and can conveniently perform reverse information processing (including printing and continuous transmission). This kind of sealing machine represents the advanced development of medical sealing machine. Therefore, kaen Medical Devices equipment has reduced the huge manpower, material and financial resources, conducted a systematic research on the reversible intelligent medical sealing machine, and achieved good results. After being put on the market, it quickly won the trust of users.

The medical sealing machine imported from Germany is used for continuous sealing and parameter printing of paper and plastic bags. It has stable performance, beautiful appearance and simple operation, and is favored by large hospitals. The functional characteristics of the medical sealing machine include:


  1. The original medical sealing machine imported from Germany has stable performance, high reliability and high reliability.


  1. The medical sealing machine adopts mesh shell material, which is luxurious and durable in design.


  1. Embossing control embossing equipment, large-screen multi-function LCD display and program settings, printing sterilization date, effective date, batch number, personnel code, CE code, etc., printing starting margin


  1. Medical sealing machine, with automatic calendar, file storage, optional fonts, adjustable spacing, single-line printing and other functions.


  1. You can pause the printing function and only keep the sealing function


  1. The medical sealing machine imported from Germany meets the quality standards of ISO 9001, TUV, CEASTM, etc.