Having spent about 16 decades in the apparel industry, FruitoftheLoom is a well-known and well-respected brand in the industry. Not only for end consumers but also in the wholesale industry, the company has been bringing in originality and fresh idea in their designing and production functionalities. The objective of the brand has been, from the very beginning, focused on customer satisfaction. Since in the apparel industry, satisfaction is generated primarily from the quality of the fabric used, the comfort level, and the prices, the brand has done exceedingly well on all three counts.

With so many years of experience in the trade, there is no questioning the expertise of the people running the show at the company. For retail customers, Fruit of the Loom is a name they associate with trust and promised quality. For retailers, therefore, it becomes important to stock their stores with different products offered by the brand. They can choose to buy either direct from the brand or associate with a wholesaler to further their business. 

Buying the finest quality of Fruit of the Loom product line from wholesalers online 

Choosing to work with one or two wholesalers that can offer you optimum solutions, in terms of 

- Different brands availability 

- Varied from products from every brand

- Cheapest prices

- Shipping and customer-friendly delivery options

Compare this to buying products directly from the brand. If you wish to order for cheap long sleeve shirts from Fruit of the Loom, you would need to meet the manufacturer or his representatives or his distributors. To enjoy a distinct price advantage, you would be required to order a minimum quantity and also maintain a consistent order through the year to keep enjoying the best rates. That’s how the corporate sector works.

Compared to this your wholesaler friend will be more than happy to help you with prices whenever you need to order from them. Most credible online wholesalers will not come with the burden of minimum order quantities –remember, they are not the direct manufacturers and they stock items from almost all possible brands. Therefore, they can pass on a lot of advantages besides price to you, their customer.

Meeting the exclusive contractual terms and agreements from brands may not be practically possible for small-time business owners and retailers. Hence, for this segment, it makes perfect business sense to choose a reliable online wholesaler for their business deals.