One Shot Keto know inquire also about other family members and it's you know in a very good place which is great it's what esire to please I don't see it as much from his children like he doesn't see it as much for my son how r whatever so I highly consider you to think about how you're speaking right now and then just leave sure enough five minutes ten minutes comes down sorry sorry you know it's all in the approach I don't raise my voice and I don't engage at all and I just try to work my way through it another thing that I've done it's been very effective is if I'm in a room and suddenly a teenager walks in and doesn't acknowledge me which is usual and typical of teenage behavior is to walk in like this you know not taking the environment whatsoever so I'll say hey how's it going how's your morning did you sleep well me oh I slept great I had the best night's sleep ever what am I gonna do today I don't know I haven't really thought