More frequent use of adult novelties among those who do not identify as strictly straight is found among women, based on a 2011 study led by researcher Vanessa Shick, Ph.D. While 53 percent of heterosexual women report having ever used a male masturbator at nicesexdolls, 86 percent of girls who have sex with females say they’ve used a masturbator — and experienced a visible uptick in sexual satisfaction correctly.

Sinthetics has brought some concerning requests including, most shockingly, two orders for underage dolls. “If it feels wrong to us, for no reason do it,” he admits that firmly. “There have already been a couple of whereby traders people have arrived at us and out and out called for a child as well as in that case we turn them to the site the authorities.” Requests for likenesses of ex-partners may also be immediately refused unless consent has and celebrities are approached with caution. “Our rule is that I will practice it, but employ a different complexion and give it different coloured eyes and make-up, therefore it never truly resembles them,” Matt says.

It’s all to easy to imagine that the only sex dolls buyers want are idealised and flawless, but Matt dispels this myth, insisting that does not everyone lusts from a super-toned, 18-year-old figure. “One client what food was in his sixties and didn’t need a 20-something doll, so I took a faces and gave her crow’s feet, wrinkles and deeper smile lines. He said, ‘That looks a lot more like a woman, like someone that I could relate to’. We get requests for all those kind of things, people want bigger butts, freckles are popular and also bunny teeth.”

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