MUT 21's latest TOTW will perform well in the 6th week of the NFL, which is a danger. The most active plan of Madden 21 Ultimate Team is "Team of the Week", MUT 21 TOTW 6 is coming soon! Let's take a look at the players. Their performance this week is expected to improve Madden 21. MUT 21 Coins is used to obtain outstanding players. If you choose to Buy MUT 21 Coins, you will get the best players as early as possible.

Derrick Henry
Derrick Henry showed his performance in Week 6. Henry rushed for 212 yards frantically, and scored 52 receiving yards and 3 TDs. Henry's outstanding performance pushed the Tennessee Giants to beat the Houston Texans 42-36 and maintained their unbeaten record. There is no doubt that Derrick Henry will be the MUT 21 TOTW 6 player this week.

Matt Ryan and Justin Jefferson
After failing to pass the TD for 2 consecutive weeks, Matt Ryan eliminated all doubters in the sixth week with the great victory of the Falcons. Ryan dropped 4 TDS and 371 yards in a 40-23 defeat to the Minnesota Vikings. This will allow Ryan to firmly enter MUT 21 TOTW 6- and compete for the player of the week, if not for Derrick Henry's MVP performance. Justin Jefferson is one of the few lights on the Minnesota Vikings 2020 season. Jefferson is only 21 years old and is a fantastic blue chip prospect. In 2020, he showed people how he can become the weapon of choice for the future. In week 6, Jefferson had another star making performance, grabbing 9 passes for 166 yards and 2 TDs. Although this was not enough to motivate the Vikings to achieve a second victory in six games, it brought consolation prizes to fans. Jefferson will also get a place in MUT 21 TOTW 6.

Jamel Dean and Philip Rivers
Jamel Dean is one of the older players in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lineup. But Dean performed well in the 6th week of the game and is likely to win his place in Madden 21 Ultimate Team TOTW. In the Pirates 38-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Dean scored a 32-yard six-pointer and scored 2 tackles. Phillip Rivers will have a lot of stars in his sixth week, but he should still be MUT 21's TOTW 6. The river threw 371 yards and 3 TDs at the Cincinnati Bengals. Rivers reversed from 0-14 in the first quarter to 31-27 to win. Rivers threw 29/44 against one of the worst defenses in the NFL with INT, but it was still a huge success.

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