Unconsciously, Animal Crossing has been with us for some time. This game has brought us a lot of fun, freeing us from our tired real life and enjoying a relaxed and comfortable life. Although Animal Crossing does not require the purchase of weapons or equipment, there are also places where the money is needed.

Today's topic is: As a new player, how to get some game currency, namely bells when you first encounter Animal Crossing. Bells and Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets can be used to buy some props or rare items.

Catch and sell rare insects and fish. In Animal Crossing, there are a lot of insects and fishes. Some are more common, and some are rare. Pay attention to red Snappers and Oarfish. They are very valuable. Don't think about getting bells when you catch insects and fish. Otherwise, you will lose the fun. You just need to relax your mind to complete the capture task.

Plant a money tree. The money tree can give you multiple returns. You only need to use some bells as seeds, and when the money tree is formed, you can get multiple bells in return. If you don't know how to grow a money tree, you can read my previous blog about growing a money tree. Although planting a money tree can get several times as many bells, there is an obvious disadvantage that it takes a long time to wait. Hit the rock. Around your house, you will find a big rock. You can get some amount of rocks every time you hit the rocks. Keep hitting the rocks, and if it goes well, you will get a total of 16,000 bells.

Go to other players' islands. If you feel that your island has too few rare items, you can also go to other players' islands, provided you have a ticket. If not, you can go to ACBellsbuy.com to Buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Tickets. Maybe you can find more rare items on their islands, such as red Snappers and Oarfish.

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