Is it possible to increase the size of penis?

Augmenter la taille du sexe, c'est possible

The size of the penis is a subject that is of great concern to men. Sometimes to the point of considering all the solutions to enlarge their penis. What are the methods that work and which are dangerous? Answers.

Honey I lengthened my penis! Although plastic surgery is widely mentioned for women (face, breasts, buttocks, etc.), the subject is still taboo on the men's side. Yet, every year, many of them schedule a penoplasty operation, a plastic surgery of the penis.

Penoplasty: reasons rarely medically justified

"The reasons for this operation of enlargement or enlargement of sex are above all aesthetic,"says Dr. Vincent Hupertan, urologist, sexologist and author of The Encyclopedia. For the majority, the decision stems from a problem of self-image, conditioning from childhood. Very early on, little boys are tested for their gender comparison, whether in the toilets, sports locker rooms, the swimming pool... On the other hand, the Internet and access to porn, with actors with an extraordinary sex, also contribute to the phenomenon.

Symbol of virility, penis size and volume are at the heart of male self-esteem and can go so far as to induce plastic surgery operations. However, it should be noted that most of the time, the men who make these requests are gendered with genders that are within the norms! That's about 13.12 cm, erect.

Penoplasty: penis lengthening

"The goal is to get a longer penis!" , translates the doctor. The principle is simple: it consists of cutting the suspensory ligament of the penis whose physiological role is to give the erect penis the axis for natural penetration. Translation: An erect man, standing, displays his sex erected in an angle at 45 degrees. Thanks to a pubic incision in the ligaments, which can be supplemented by a skin plastic, the penis gains in length (2 to 4 cms)... at rest. Sex "falls" lower. During erection, the lengthening is more due to an optical effect. Dr. Hupertan recalls that "the erection is obtained by filling the cavernous bodies, the length of which is not changeable by any surgery operation".


What you need to know, after: The suspensory ligament of the penis tends to heal spontaneously, nature is well made. For a final effect, the surgery is supplemented by the installation of a silicone prosthesis or made of a tissue flap. "In post-operative, it is advisable to use a vacuum pump, a vacuum, still extensor, to prevent retraction." There may also be a risk of hematomas. It's impressive, but transient. They're going to settle down.

Effects: The operation is not dangerous in itself. However, there is a counterpart to the desired aesthetic effect: "the loss of stability of the axis of penetration,"warns Dr. Hupertan. In other words, penetration is less efficient and may require hand-guided. The risk of injury during a coitustep is to be taken into account. Finally, the rod no longer rises proudly upwards.

Filling penoplasty: penis enlargement

The filling penoplasty allows an increase of the penis without going through the bistouri box. It involves the use of fillers that are injected into the sheath of the penis, the skin sleeve and sub-skin that surround the cavernous bodies. This can be either hyaluronic acidor autologous fat, i.e. the patient's. These methods require retouching and reinjections to give a uniform appearance. The second is based on a principle of lipoaspiration where the fat is filtered, cleaned and injected under the skin harmoniously. The doctor is formal: "Any other product is prohibited, macro plastic or clandestine interventions, based on Vaseline, for example".

What you need to know afterwards: there may be a vascular risk in the acorn during the injection, hence the importance of choosing a licensed and competent surgeon. Sex is forbidden for about 3 weeks to install a good positioning of fat. If retouching or new injections are to be done, it is better to wait a year between each new procedure.

Effects: The operation can cause a disproportion between the sheath and the acorn. It is due to a change in the moving part of the sheath, while the natural size of the acorn remains the same; hence some disharmonious effects. On the sexual pleasure side, no negative impact: the receptors are located in the crown of the acorn that is not injected as part of this operation.

No recommended solutions

Penis enlargement pills, penis exercises, penis stretchers... Many merchant sites make you believe that it is possible to naturally increase the size and volume of the rod. "It's impossible!" , formally states the doctor. Not only are these products not effective, but they can be dangerous to health. It is imperative to rely on a professional.

Some surgeons who are experts in penile surgery are recognized by the association of urologists, others do not. For this type of operation, preferably choose an expert surgeon in penile surgery, some are also recognized by the association of urologists or plastic surgery. A degree in penis surgery, is a necessary guarantee.

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