Nike Shoes, The Morpho color scheme (Guo Ailun PE) is inspired by the beautiful blue-green figure of the Morpho butterfly, and the brilliant wings symbolizes Guo Ailun's flexible style of play. "The direction of the heart, the direction of the body" is written on the exposed label on the heel of the shoe. The color of Warrior was designed by Hachimura Kyo's mother, inspired by Hachimura Kyo's descent and fused with Japanese Kanji-style samurai logo, paying tribute to his family reputation and samurai spirit.
Jordan Release 2020, With the emphasis on and exploration of athlete resources in recent years, the Jordan brand owns the league's hottest "fried chicken" players. For example, the halo-shrouded champion Zion Williamson, the brilliant green army new king Jayson Tatum this season, and the MVP-level player Luka Dončić with both appearance and strength. Whether on the offensive or defensive end, I need to constantly change my speed in order to gain an advantage against opponents. The classic herringbone pattern outsole makes my steps more flexible.
On the Air Jordan 35, Flightwire technology has been newly added to both sides of the upper, which sounds like Nike's Flywire at first glance. In fact, there is still a big difference between the two. Flightwire technology is a brand new shoe upper technology specially launched by Jordan brand for this 35 release. The two sides are similar to the "fishbone" woven pattern, which takes into account the light weight and wrapping, and provides more limited support for actual combat. The feet can be firmly fixed when the force is applied. These ideas have been reflected in the Air Jordan 35: some color matching shoe uppers are matched with leather and suede, supplemented by other hand-made methods, which not only have a luxurious texture, but also maintain excellent actual combat performance.