The treasure hunt is an activity that involves solving clue scrolling. Most monsters in RuneScape rarely drop items. The hint scroll bar contains hints and riddles for players to solve to finally find the reward coffin, which may contain unique rewards.

You can randomly get clue scrolling from killing monsters, playing mini games, robbing small animals, fishing, cutting woodcuts or mining. There are six different levels of clue scrolling. The equipment dropped after completing the mission is very rare, even if you have a lot of OSRS GP For Sale, you may not be able to buy it. Players can have at most one level reel at a time, but it is possible that each has multiple reels of different difficulty.

Some clues may need to enter areas that may need to perform tasks, require items that require certain skills to be worn, swung, or enter, or will challenge the skills and require the skills to reach a certain level. Temporary skill upgrades can be used for most non-combat skill challenges.

There is no fixed location for the treasure hunt, and the scroll of clues may be sent to you throughout Gielinor. Therefore, it is recommended to use as many telecommunications and transportation systems as possible.

There are a total of 638 unique rewards for all clue scrolls. Starting from Hard Clues, general rewards can only be obtained through simple Treasure Trails and above versions to obtain 10,000-15,000 Gold, and may also include increased access to items in the super rare drop list, such as gold-plated armor or third Epoch equipment. If you need to buy Cheap RS3 Gold welcome to visit our RSgoldBuy site, we will get good comments from players with super high service quality and value-for-money transactions.