Running rigging is the rigging of a sailing vessel that is used for lowering, raising, controlling, and shaping the sails on a sailing vessel. It is different from the standing rigging that supports the mast and bowsprit. Running rigging shows a discrepancy between vessels that are rigged front and behind and those that are square-rigged.

There so many ropes are available that can be used for running rigging purposes and perform really well. RW rope is a premier distributor of ropes and rope products that can be used in different applications. These options include rock climbing, arborists, safety and rescue operations, sailing, and towing. We also supply and service to assist with rigging, splicing, or even designing your own rope.

We have a wide variety of ropes constructed from different materials. These include:

  •         Cotton Rope
  •         Dyneema, Spectra, UHMWPE Rope
  •         Hemp Rope
  •         Manila Rope
  •         Nylon Rope
  •         Polyester Rope
  •         Polyolefin Rope
  •         Polypropylene & MFP Rope
  •         Recycled Plastic (PET) Rope
  •         Technora / Kevlar Rope
  •         Vectran Rope

We supply different materials and styles of construction depending on your needs of the customers and strength requirements. Apart from ropes, you also find rope related products at our online store. These include:

  •         Prespliced Rope Products
  •         Paracord
  •         Cord, Twine, Webbing
  •         Marine Hardware
  •         Climbing & Safety Gear
  •         Architectural Products
  •         Rigging & Sailmaking Tools
  •         Closeouts & Surplus

We charge reasonable for all our products and offer ropes at highly reasonable rates as compared to other distributors. Feel free to contact us and share your rope requirement. We will suggest you the most suitable rope that will be ideal to serve your purpose well. 

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