I hope this have given you something to OSRS gold think about, and I will give you exactly the identical question that I started with, do mutes work? Thanks for reading. Don't discuss botting programs here!! I'll report your article swiftly into a moderator! ...

Being a free player, and having played the transaction limitations, I was full aware of the number of botters there were at the game. Now that there are trade limitations put in place, logic could denote that macroing has shifted from the personal'Gold Farmers' industry to the public'Players' industry, and the Gold Farmers could have pretty much moved on.

Having noticed a macroing software in a friend's place, and having detected macroers while woodcutting throughout my previous primary's increase to 99 woodcutting before the transaction upgrade, it is easy for me to tell when someone is using them. JaGeX released the trade restrictions to stop botters. Well, it didn't work. All it has done is due to the private'Gold Farmers' to change their way of making money. What they do now is'Sell' botting applications online to the Players. (although there ARE free ones)

In my observations, there are a bit less botters than before, but the only reason it would seem like there are SIGNIFICANTLY LESS is because it is not level 3 characters which are doing this. I have seen a level 80 character cutting yews with a bot, I have observed a level 45 killing cows using a bot, and cheap RS gold I have heard of players acquiring entire skills to 99 using bots, the robots are STILL here!